Dr. Typelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Font

Example of the Comic Sans font.

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve been reading Just my type : a book about fonts by Simon Garfield, which was one of my free books for renewing my subscription to The Folio Society.  I’ve always loved playing around with fonts and it takes me a while to great a sign or flyer at work because I always want to pick just the right font.  Working with teenagers, I tend to fall back on Comic Sans a lot which, according to Garfield, is horribly overused and vilified by typeface elitists.  Oh, dear … what other clean, fun looking font can I use?! (Gee, I could have used an interrobang there)

Then again, these are teenagers I’m dealing with and they never actually read anything, even if it’s directly in front of their faces in flashing neon letters six inches high.  Will anyone really care if my signs are well-designed or not?

I care, and that should be reason enough to take the time to match the font to the message, right?  I will, however, try to cut back on the Comic Sans madness and avoid good old Times New Roman (another overused font).  Maybe I’ll start using Garamond; I just love that name …